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We’re developing the first drugs explicitly intended to extend healthspan and lifespan—first in dogs, and then in humans, too.
By quantifying and controlling the mechanisms of pathological aging, we hope to delay the onset & reduce the severity of age-related diseases. More, healthier years.
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Our first products to market are focused on longevity and healthspan in dogs. Discover Loyal.
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Helping dogs live longer, healthier lives
Dogs are our closest companions – in every sense of the word. We co-evolved with dogs and have shared our environment for tens of thousands of years. Understanding and treating pathological dog aging may help us learn more about human aging, too.
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Aging is one of the most impactful problems you can work on.

Work with some of the most dynamic and accomplished scientists, engineers, operators, and creatives in the industry, on problems that matter:

  • Developing better ways to quantify the aging process
  • Predictive modeling of aging trajectories
  • Building robust longitudinal aging datasets
  • Characterizing healthy versus pathological aging
  • Commercializing aging drugs
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